Nov 17, 2014

Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking I (ebook)


Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening & Speaking #1 MP3
This tutorial is the foundation of Chinese Peking version undergraduate foreign students planning to strengthen the teaching language skills class, sub comprehensive textbook textbooks and heard two series, each of four, both supporting the use, but also the flexibility to choose according to need.
This kit is suitable for foreign students Chinese language majors, scholars and Chinese preppy an intensive use of teaching a year.

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The file has been deleted, can you reupload again please ? thank you

Hi, Thanks for the book, but after I downloaded this file is not "Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking I" , but Intensive Elementary Chinese Course A comprehensive Book 1, Can you reuploaded again please ? Thank you

Sorry, new link here
链接: 密码: 8z2f

thank you for all your great work!!

sr Can you sent to me file mp3?

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