Nov 17, 2014

Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking II (audio)


Lesson 21 I want to open an account
Lesson 22 Where did you go?
Lesson 23 Doctor gave me some medicine
Lesson 24 Do a practice ten minutes a day
Lesson 25 review (five)
Lesson 26 A little warmer today than yesterday
Lesson 27 Welcome
Lesson 28 The winter is coming
Lesson 29 The sun came out, the snowmelt
Lesson 30 Review (six)
Lesson 31 What game our class play?
Lesson 32 My notesbook was borrowed by Bowei
Lesson 33 Give you more trouble
Lesson 34 What a coincidence
Lesson 35 Review (seven)
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Unfortunately, the files for the cd2 are corrupted.

Hi admin, could you please re-upload this book's audio?

PDF 链接: Download 密码: xuca
MP3 链接: Download 密码: wsac

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