Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking I (audio)

Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking I (audio)


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"Peking University undergraduate students of Chinese edition textbooks • Language Skills Series • Chinese primary strengthen Course: Textbook heard a" fit of foreign students Chinese language majors, scholars and Chinese preppy an intensive use of teaching a year.
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Hello!
Lesson 2 Are you busy?
Lesson 2 What is the day today?
Lesson 4 What is this?
Lesson 5 Review (a)
Lesson 6 Classmaster, good morning!
Lesson 7 How many people are there in your family?
Lesson 9 Will, office buildings where?
Lesson 9 How many students in your school?
Lesson 10 review (b)
Lesson 11 You want this or that?
Lesson 12 Tomorrow is China's Teacher's Day
Lesson 13 Recently busy at work
Lesson 14 What are you doing?
Lesson 15 Review (c)
Lesson 16 Can you tutored him in Chinese, ok?
Lesson 17 Our country not far away from China
Lesson 18 What is your hobby?
Lesson 19 What kind of computer do you like?
Lesson 20 Review (four)
Hearing transcriptions and reference answers
Word summary table
(Goole translate)
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