Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking IV (audio)

Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking IV (audio)


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"Intensive Elementary Chinese Course Listening and Speaking IV " is the basis of PKU version undergraduate foreign students Chinese language skills planning materials like reinforced materials, sub comprehensive textbook textbooks and heard two series. Each 4, both supporting the use, but also the flexibility to choose according to need. The main features of this set of materials is: a Comprehensive Chinese Teaching Skills Teaching and heard a combination of skills. Improve Students' Chinese proficiency in all aspects of training skills while highlighting heard. Closely with the two series of books. Focus on vocabulary and grammar point of each other now and circulation.

2. Place heard integrated into a textbook, a course, synchronous enhancement, avoid heard sub classes, teaching is not complete, teaching each other drawbacks involved.

3. focus on the combination structure, function and culture, in order to structure the main line. Supplemented with communicative functions. Interspersed with cultural background introduction.

This kit is suitable for foreign students Chinese language majors, scholars and Chinese preppy an intensive use of teaching a year.

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