Gio Globe Trotter: Egypt

Gio Globe Trotter: Egypt


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"Egypt" is about Egypt travel guide. In order to make people go to Egypt for the first time can also play well, "Egypt" focus on transportation and accommodation description information. About Egyptian monuments and natural beauty, comes with a wealth of photos and detailed description. In addition to personal travel outside the team travel can also use this book. "Traveled the world" is a set of Chinese citizens abroad (Habitat) to help the tour guide class series. From 1998 to date, has published more than 40 books, covering the Chinese citizens can footprint to all major countries and regions in the world. In the introduction of new national or regional volumes, while we have published volumes also possible revision once in two or three years to update. So, informative, practical content is "traveled the world" features; constantly updated, to continue to improve the "traveled the world," the pursuit.

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