White-Collar Crazy Spoken English - the Popular 900

White-Collar Crazy Spoken English - the Popular 900


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"Jiang Tao Crazy English Spoken English white-collar popular 900 (upgrade version)" main elements: With the development of the times, China's comprehensive national strength is flourishing. Especially after joining the WTO, with the world economy and trade is about to round pick axes, foreign exchanges and cooperation will continue to expand, proficiency and sophistication applied English has become essential skills for white-collar workplace. Clearly, in this process, China's foreign language teaching does not adapt to this demand in a timely manner. Most university graduates, they can memorize thousands of words, you can relish in the knowledge of grammar, you can CET, but they can not communicate with foreigners normal language to communicate, let alone to discuss what works and business negotiations. How to break through in the shortest possible time English bottlenecks, lack of English conversation ability to get rid of difficulties, is the current white-collar problems to be solved.
Editor's painstaking research status of Chinese white-collar workers to learn English, carefully pick out the current white-collar work-life associated with the most popular, the most practical 900 words, written in three topics: First nine TOP fashion topic, the second is eight offices TOP topic, three large living TOP is a leading topic. Concise and lively, can effectively help English learners to quickly grasp the English popular statement, so blurted out.
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