Usage Standard Handbook on Chinese Characters and Words

Usage Standard Handbook on Chinese Characters and Words


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Language is the carrier of information and culture, but also an important symbol of cultural development. The language of the standardization of the stability and development of a country of great significance. In order to implement the "People's Republic of China National Common Language Law," to promote and popularize Putonghua standardized language applied to overcome and eliminate confusion in the application of non-standard language, we have prepared this manual. Manual clerical workers, editors, reporters, presenters, announcer, actor, etc. in propaganda, news, literary work of the staff as the main target, taking into account the need to have a moderate level of culture on foreign language teaching and the community in general readers . Guide to the language standard formally promulgated by the State as the basis of all relevant published reference books, information and writings carefully written, highlighting informative, practical and scientific. Word text including read, write, provided with three sections, as described in the different angles, some words, the words are repeated. Apart from the body, with the index and related information, as far as possible to facilitate the reader to access and rake.

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