The New College languages

The New College languages


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This material selected out of more than 70 articles and foreign literary works. Famous artists are selected table of contents,
Order model, the essence of the new. Both content and form, both aesthetic and artistic. China
Classical literature table of contents from "The Book of Songs" to "Dream of Red Mansions", including poetry, literature, fiction drama, literary theory
Etc., about two-thirds; Chinese contemporary literature, including Taiwan and Hong Kong boutique (such as Yu Kuang-chung, Jin Yong
Etc.) and foreign literature study items accounted for about one-third. Before each lesson there are writers profile,
After the notes, Comment and thinking exercises. To expand students' knowledge of language and literature, attached to the end of the book
"Chinese literature history knowledge", "ancient Chinese Basics", "Modern Chinese know basis
Knowledge "and" Modern Writing Basics. "
This book is a basic course materials for colleges and universities to use for text, science, agriculture
Doctor, teacher and high vocational and other types of institutions.
This textbook about 380,000 words. HONGKONG editor.
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