Oct 18, 2014

The intermediate interpretation test word frequency statistics

In dialogue with many high scorers, we found that they invariably have studied a lot of questions the whole truth, a lot of practice this allows them to accurately grasp the proposition law, and encounter a lot of "deja vu in the exam "the word (although they felt this is mostly unconscious), it is because English interpreters Intermediate exam has such a characteristic: many words are repeated in the exam, which plays a pivotal high-frequency words in the exam" role ".
Therefore, these words in the review of the candidates should also play a vital role. So, we will conduct a successful harvest unconscious conscious finishing, the word appears in the calendar year the whole truth questions were frequency statistics, according to the level of word frequency were arranged, hope the candidates should be particularly proficient high frequency words.
Sima was edited sincerely hope that all readers have benefited from this book.
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