Studies In Translation History 2012

Studies In Translation History 2012


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Table of contents
  • The Translators/Interpreters In the First Opium War, 1839–1842 Part Two: Translators/Interpreters of the British Camp
  • British Empire, sinology and translation: James Legge and the interpreter Cadetship in Hong Kong (1860–1900)
  • The interaction between English-Chinese Dictionary and Chinese-Japanese Dictionary through 19th to 20th Century
  • Medical Advertisement and International Cultural Translation: The Case of Shenbao in Early Twentieth-Century China
  • Miyazaki Toten and the Revolutionary Imagination in Modern China: An Inquiry of Zhang Shizhao's translation of Miyazaki's autobiography My Thirty-Three Years' Dream
  • A portrait of the interpreters in Taiwan During Japanese Rule
  • A Controversy on the Chinese Name of “God”: James Legge and the Term Question, 1877–1880
  • Predecessors of Aide jiaoyu (Education of Love): The Translation History from Cuore to Xin'er jiuxueji (Xin's Journal about School Life)
  • Cultures of translation in early modern Europe
  • Translation in the Malay World ——Different Communities, Different Agendas
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