Real Life Practice of Elementary Chinese

Real Life Practice of Elementary Chinese


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This textbook is designed primarily for beginners who study Chinese in a short intensive course. It can also be used as a supplement to other textbooks for beginners. Features include "Systematic Pronunciation Practice", "Interesting Content for Students", "Exercises", "Field Tasks", "User-Friendly Features for Adult Learners", "Dealing with Student Differences", "Linking CLF Learning in China with Learning in Students".

1. Chinese Language and Phonetics
2. Currency Exchange
3. Meals
 4. Taking Buses
5. What Other Transportations Can I Take?
6. Paying for Your Room
7. Telephone and Computer
8. Buying Clothes
9. At a Travel Agency
10. At the Bar
11. At the Post Office
12. Traveling to Other Places
13. Talking with a Chinese Student
14. Calling a Chinese Friend
15. Chatting with An Employee
16. Confirming Airplance Ticket
17. Comparing Chinese Universites with Your University
18. Comparing Restaurants Here with Chinese Restaurants Overseas
19. Giving Thanks to Chinese Teachers and Students
20. Returning to Home Country
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