Oct 7, 2014

Practical Chinese for English Speakers Part one


This set of elementary Chinese textbooks is written for the English-speaking foreigners undertaking a short-term study in China. There are two volumes. each including 10 units. Each unit has following parts: essential words; text; new words; English translation of the text; pronunciation and grammar annotation with English translation; paraphrases exercises; practices; culture background; exercises of Chinese character components. The characteristics of the textbooks are: 1) concise and systematical introduction of the basic knowledge on Chinese pronunciations and Chinese characters; 2) practical orientation: the topics of the texts are all close related to the daily life. and the most useful ones will be taught first. such as: recognizing Chinese numbers. exchanging money. going to restaurant. shopping. telephoning. hairdressing and transportation; 3) various forms of exercises. covering listening. speaking. reading. writing and translating: there are 5 kinds of sentence patterns to be used in paraphrasing; the part of practices includes listening practices. simulating practices. translation practices and situation practices; the exercises of Chinese character components help the students better remember the Chinese words by writing them down. The textbooks are to be used by the very beginners for 40-50 hours. Each volume also has the new words. vocabulary and keys to parts of the exercises. Tapes are available.
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