Modern Practical Writing

Modern Practical Writing


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Writing, sign language is the main tool for a variety of carriers writing, recording, processing and dissemination of practical information on social activities, thoughts and feelings of human social interaction, practice and social practice summary production experience, scientific records technology research, an important tool for practical work and social life services.
Writing can be divided according to different standards for different types. People usually based on different ways of writing, literature can be divided into two categories and application writing. Literature is the use of the image of a fictional way of thinking and methods, by shaping the narrative story and characters to meet the aesthetic needs of people. Application writing is different, its content must be true and accurate, without the slightest imaginary components, but also directly for handling public and private transactions, exchange of information, communication and information, solve practical problems. In a sense, the application richer than writing literary content, style more diverse, higher frequency of use, a wider range of applications and is an important tool for integral human social life, has a strong practical value. It is the same literature, is a substance different from the general spirit of the production of innovative labor, has many of the features inherent in the law itself. Correct understanding of these characteristics and laws, for us to learn and master the application of knowledge and skills of writing, has very important significance.
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