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International Business


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As mankind enters the new century, the trend of economic globalization to further enhance scientific and technological progress by leaps and bounds, the pace of industrial restructuring and industrial transfer worldwide to accelerate, accelerate international capital flows, cross-border M & A activity, between countries and regions more competitive. Join the World Trade Organization, marking China's opening up has entered a new phase, in which the domestic market, international, domestic and international competition is the basic feature of this new phase. Needless to say, a new phase of the study of international trade is facing a new situation and new tasks, responsible international economic scholars, on the basic rules of the new century, international trade, from theory to practice should give careful exposition and explanation . The book is brewing in this motive and completed.
The book entirely to a market economy based on the theory of international economic relations under market economy conditions for the object, study world economic laws of goods and services exchanged between countries, the study of international economic law of factors of production flows. The purpose is to provide students with a concise, complete, system theory and practice of international trade vision platform. The book mainly for economic management undergraduate students.
This book consists of two parts, the fourteen chapters. In addition to the first chapter, the first part of the theory of international trade, including Chapter II to Chapter VI; second part of international trade policy, including Chapter VII to Chapter XIV.
The book is written in Hebei University, Hebei University of Economics in international economics, international trade result of joint efforts of teachers teaching. The book by Zhang Yuke chief editor, Kang Zengkui, Ma Wenxiu deputy editor, responsible for the overall framework, outline design and statistical draft work. Specific written division are as follows: The first chapter is written by 张玉柯; Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V by 张玉柯, mohair writing; Chapter VI, VIII, IX, Chapter X written by Ma Wenxiu; Chapter VII written by 尹玉梅; Chapter XI, Chapter XIII, Chapter XIV, written by 康增奎; Chapter XII written by 康增奎, Yin Yumei.
Due to the limited level editor, the book shortcomings and mistakes are inevitable, please peer experts and readers criticize us.
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