Intermediate Chinese Reading Course

Intermediate Chinese Reading Course


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"Science and technology --- Intermediate Chinese Reading Course" is the foreign language teaching in a targeted and specialized reading materials.
Audience for science and engineering colleges in undergraduate or graduate a year, and the students learning Chinese as a foreign language, taking into account ordinary Chinese courses and prepare to enter the professional learning of science and engineering students. In general, this material is suitable for full-time school in a year (about 800 hours), HSK reach three or more students.
The objective of this textbook is to enable students to read through half of Chinese science and technology training, clear obstacles to science and engineering professionals to learn reading comprehension due jargon or sentence structure caused. After the completion of this teaching students learning, reading speed should also be a corresponding increase, meaning you can quickly react according to scientific and technical terms commonly used word formation in some grasp of sentence, to quickly understand the rough idea.
Textbook covering basic knowledge of science classes, focusing on training students' reading comprehension, combined with the knowledge to teach the language, particularly when compared usage and synonyms of words. Book 18 lessons, each lesson theme, focusing on contemporary, sub-biological, chemical, materials, mathematics, physics, computer technology and other six different themes into three cycles, each cycle natural convergence, along with the difficulty of promoting, in line with language learning rule. There are four themes in each lesson the same text, the first to focus on the text, with a reading comprehension, words, comments, words and words comparison exercises; rest three for fast reading the article, there are also reading comprehension and word exercises. After-school also has a reading knowledge, introduce technology Chinese word formation, lexical features, expression, reading skills and technological knowledge, and so on.
Teaching practice in various forms, eclectic, reading comprehension both traditional right and wrong judgment, choice, fill in the blank, there are calculations, drawing, experimental design, in order to solve practical problems for the purpose of practice. Words exercises require students to be able to use word-building, a single morpheme knowledge to understand new words, and you can focus on the proper use of the words fill in the blank, sentences and so on.
Textbook of "foreign students Chinese colleges syllabus (long-term studies)," vocabulary as a reference, the control of the emergence of new words and reproduce, adjust the difficulty of the text. Intermediate vocabulary words in the book the main part of the jargon will inevitably involve some advanced vocabulary and Chaogang words. In order to reduce the burden on students' vocabulary, some not very close contact with science and technology, the advanced even Chaogang take the form of low-frequency words with the text marginal notes, list of English pronunciation and meaning.
The main features of Chinese science and technology are numerous technical terminology, sentence structure is complex, logical, content esoteric topic seriously and so on. In order to avoid these negative factors cause students to weariness or fear of difficulty mood, textbooks layman's language, full of interesting science carefully selected theme, with vivid illustrations, trying to attract students from the topic and visual aspects.
This textbook is recommended two hours a week learning, two hours of completion of each lesson. Focus on text processing can be more detailed, requiring the reader
Understanding and words exercises are done in class. Fast reading texts should be time-bound, do not explain the words, words, exercise can be completed after school students. Read Awakening part of a selective presentation or student interest in reading for teachers after school lessons.
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