Oct 10, 2014

Intensive Training of Frequently Used Conjunctions

Vocabulary is an important foundation for language learning, occupies an important position in the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) in. Proficiency in the use of vocabulary and can be correct, is to raise the level of Chinese language and Chinese language proficiency test scores as a key, and we prepared a set of "HSK vocabulary countermeasures Series", commonly used adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, verbs, quantifiers and pronouns, etc. be succinctly, in order to deepen the understanding of the learner to make them at the beginning, middle HSK obtain excellent results.
Grade word "HSK common conjunctions succinctly scouring" listed in conjunction with "HSK Vocabulary Level Program", Class B and Class C word for word indexed object, and made according to the actual situation in recent years and HSK proposition to candidates appropriate additions and deletions.
The book is divided into two series, the first series of "case solution and practice", Part II as "comprehensive training simulation questions."
Part I explains the 102 conjunctions focus usage and design related exercises. Said the little detail is provided "Interpretation" under each conjunctions, "sentences", "practice" three parts, some entries also accompanied by "discrimination." In the "Interpretation", the simplicity, the main usage More simply solution of the conjunctions; in the "sentences", the term is primarily based on usage and location in the sentence, citing four or five authentic, understandable sentences for learners depth appreciate the role of the word in the sentence; in the "discrimination" where the meaning is similar to the usage and easy to confuse a group of words is explained; in the "exercise", the design of two aspects: First, the "imitation of sentences." , learners can demonstrate the proper use of the conjunctions through, giving top priority to learn in order to have a multiplier effect. Second, the free play-style exercises, the main feature "complete the sentence", "complete dialogue", "modify the wrong sentences," "Organization sentence" and can apply their knowledge questions.
In Part II, we have designed the HSK "grammatical structure" section conjunctions involving 666 simulation questions.
We believe that as long as you can out of every day a little time to learn a conjunction, do a little exercise, over time, will be proficient in the use of conjunctions, clauses and clauses clearly distinguish the relationship, so that their Chinese level a new level.
In the process of writing the book, get specific guidance Chinese University Press newsroom, to express my sincere gratitude.
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