Oct 18, 2014

Idiom Economics

"Idiom economics" in the book involves economics keywords, theory and its careful, rational and logical way of thinking, it will make the reader will last a lifetime. Although this is a simple introductory economics book, it is undeniable that some of the differences between our record in the history of Chinese idiom story narrative, but the book's focus is on economics, it's about enough to make patchwork many readers immersive, linger, and would thus like economics. Foolish Old Man can not do the reasons for sustained effort, he Stone Mountain division and specialization of economic effects, Jiminggoudao how to consider the risk of earnings, retrieve their full property data Zhao economics, superfluous to consider additional benefits, ramshackle frame effects.
Esoteric economic theory: sunk costs, avoid risks, the additional revenue, external effects, framing effects ...... fun idiom story: spilled, unfounded, superfluous, no one else, ramshackle ...... China five thousand years of history, summed up idioms not just the experience and lessons learned, but also contains the essence of economics play a role in everyday life. And this is an excellent introductory economics books are essential. Formation of idioms, condensed wisdom of the ancients, it teaches people how to manners; formation of economics, is the result of nearly continuous exploration of modern society on this, it can make people better to understand this society, in order to make a more reasonable choice. Wisdom and economics of scientific theories idiom story is actually consistent in nature. How to make economics and concise idioms highbrow linking and allow ordinary people to better get to know it, understand it is the "idiom economics" greatest goal. Examples in the book handy, small individual's daily activities, to the great national policy, everything that contains the wisdom of the ancient idiom, but also brilliant flashes of modern economics. Careful readers will find the author of the book were a logical idiom strong depth of excavation, and not just stay in a shallow. Moreover, the link between sex and logic sections are also very strong.
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