HSK Grammar

HSK Grammar


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According to this book, "Chinese Proficiency Standards and grammar grades Outline" Writing, on which the early, intermediate grammar doing itemized explanation, revealing the use of each grammar item attention.
In the Chinese language learning process, the syntax is a focus is difficult. Participate in the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), also accounted for a large proportion of grammar. This "by HSK --- HSK Grammar" according to "Chinese Proficiency Standards and grammar grades Outline" National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign promulgated writing, on which early, intermediate grammar itemized do simple explanation prompts readers when using the syntax of each item should be taken note of the problem, so that the reader can accurately and quickly grasp the grammar. Whether it is prepared to participate in learning Chinese or Chinese Proficiency Test, this book will give you a lot of help, so that as soon as you raise the level of Chinese language, get good grades.
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