Gio Globe Trotter: Austria & Vienna

Gio Globe Trotter: Austria & Vienna


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"Austria and Vienna" Yes "traveled the world" in a series of books. The main briefing in Vienna and Austria. "Austria and Vienna" is designed for tourists and the freedom to write, freedom to travel incompetent wizard. Every country has maps, scenic spot introduction, travel and preparation, in addition to such difference, voltage and other small details. Matter of size, are thoughtful. "Austria and Vienna" is the main train travel in Austria visitors to write personal travel guide. To make the first trip to Austria a person who can hit the road, "Austria and Vienna" to transport, sightseeing point of focus. Accommodation, introducing some youth hostels and hostels for young people, while the main presentation from the station, relatively close to the city center, you can feel at ease in the middle level of the hotel accommodation.
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