Dictionary of Chinese Synonyms

Dictionary of Chinese Synonyms


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"Chinese synonyms dictionary" is the one for beginning and intermediate learners to write the book. Now more and more people to learn Chinese, speak good people is also increasing. On the basis of simple communication, but also accurately express their thoughts. Due to differences in Chinese and English two languages​​, as well as Chinese language itself synonyms in the mix on different meanings, with the increase in vocabulary, problems will gradually increase. The purpose of this book is to help learners to avoid and reduce errors in the synonyms applications. The book received a total of synonyms, lexical entries are arranged in alphabetical order. The book differs from other similar dictionary. We based on years of teaching experience, not from the Chinese view, but from the English, with special attention to select those Chinese express the same, but different English words. Such as "to", "go" in English translated into Chinese is "go" and "go", but in Chinese "walk" can not take the object, and the "go" can take an object. Like this word is often used, and it is often prone to errors, which is what we want to select. We seek from reality, the selected lists every word about ten phrases corresponding to facilitate learner reference. Following examples are right and wrong sentences and simple control Word Meanings bilingual. In order to meet the needs of a variety of different levels of learners, words, phrases and sentences we have added Pinyin.
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