Chinese Proverbs

Chinese Proverbs


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Proverbs are a reflection of social reality and life experiences of each era of "ready," and is the crystallization of the wisdom and experience of people.
Proverb has its own advantages and characteristics: the most vivid statement, with strong expressive force; structure with one or several phrases based; spoken words have a plain style characteristics; judgment is often based on the content forms of reasoning, to express a complete thought, or summarize social experience, or knowledge of life summary, or philosophical truth and forth, or express feelings of love and hate. Its main function is to ready-made expressions of valuable experience, brilliant affair of life expression, logical sense is very strong, often for rational preaching.
Here are a selection of more than two thousand proverb generally divided into three categories: one including "Nongyan" social experience of life summary; one is on the ancient system of exposing human world state; One is human affair, ideology and realm of reflection.
The selected entries proverb, according sequencer layout, the same syllable rhyme to IA, Hinata, rising tone, falling tone for the order. Syllable identical to the number of strokes of Chinese characters arranged by the former small strokes, strokes and more are in the post. The first syllable shape identical to the second syllable has a basis, and so on.
The selected pieces are marked language pinyin phonetic form of words, and the tone marks.
Each language interpretation and sentences of both. Titles sentences generally indicate the author, indicate the number of plays off, the number of screen number or fields, novels indicate the number of volumes, back a few or several chapters. Part of the language to be "prompt."
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