Chinese confusable sound word discrimination combination

Chinese confusable sound word discrimination combination


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"Confusing Chinese homophone Discrimination combination" is a tool. It is suitable for writing enthusiasts, lovers of language, liberal arts colleges and primary and secondary school teachers and students to learn, reference.
Chinese word is the smallest unit composed of Chinese language is composed articles cells. Hero to learn the language, must "increase the amount of literacy, expand vocabulary." Especially in writing, must have a rich vocabulary. Good article, should have a rich vocabulary to express. Lu Xun's article, vocabulary-rich, intriguing. It was carried out statistics, contemporary writers, Lu Xun's works vocabulary most abundant.
Learning vocabulary, we should pay attention to synonyms, antonyms, synonyms, commendatory, derogatory, polysemy, multi-tone polysemy, especially easily confused homophones, words almost sound learning. Chinese characters are semantic text, in addition to shape, tone, is that justice, the book focuses on the meaning Discrimination, and mostly with a false positive instances.
We are talking about is the word homophone called monosyllabic words. Monosyllabic words have a strong combination of semantic role and word-building ability, but because of homophones, it is easy to use mix, written in other words. After years of teaching accumulation, book collected the word (including words, four words) Confusing homophone nearly two hundred cases, conduct discrimination combination distinguish from the shape, sound and meaning of the three aspects, then a combination of words with comments to help readers achieve the correct word in mind the purpose of the resolution word. Due to the limited level, sparsely incorrect or inappropriate inevitable book, please be treatise peers and readers.
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