Beijing Dialect in the (zhe) New Exploration of the Word

Beijing Dialect in the (zhe) New Exploration of the Word


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"The (· zhe)" is a modern Chinese use a higher frequency function words, previous studies it has been quite a lot of discussion, especially with regard to the grammatical meaning "the (· zhe)" can be said to be controversial. In such a case, "the (· zhe)" as a research topic, there is considerable difficulty, there is a considerable need of courage. But one of the conditions of Liu conducted a study --- which her ​​native Beijing on the Beijing dialect has a wealth of emotional knowledge; she has a solid grounding in Chinese linguistics, and on the Beijing dialect fieldwork experience; she also have engaged in foreign language teaching experience ("a (· zhe)" has been a difficult for foreign students to learn Chinese language, the authors about "the (· zhe)" in both positive and negative aspects of teaching experience and lessons).
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