An Advanced Course of Smart English Spoken

An Advanced Course of Smart English Spoken


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We can not wait to tell you this exciting news - a revolutionary vocabulary memorization method (if you've ever read boring vocabulary book, we believe you will be even more exciting):
We will those words in alphabetical order re permutations and combinations, pleasantly surprised to get a group of very easy to remember yet another group of related words, so too Sima research department of the "machine" started ......
Wonderful combination of words so that isolated words immediately became easy to remember organism, like the capsules of pearls strung together.
The same root, synonyms, antisense, related words placed together - for fast memory!
The place is easy to confuse the words together - in order to accurately remember!
Test results gratifying. Not only memory faster than the traditional two-thirds alphabetical order, but the students put this as a way of learning vocabulary memorization fun ......
This book from a selection of more than 2400 words Advanced Interpretation textbooks, after reading this book, you can make vocabulary new leap forward. To strive to further accelerate the speed of memory, we will book with tape, to truly perfect combination. (As long as a day to listen to a disc, you can loop a few days to review this book all the words) because of the limited time, negligence inevitable, welcome readers to correct me.
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