An Advanced Course for Spoken English

An Advanced Course for Spoken English


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"An Advanced Course for Spoken English" is the 16 English teachers to participate in Advanced Interpretation Certificate Examination oral teaching of Shanghai 12 colleges and universities in the "Advanced Spoken Tutorial" basis, according to the "Shanghai Advanced Interpretation Certificate English syllabus" requirements and Rules written. The purpose is to have passed the qualification exam in English Intermediate interpreters or has reached a considerable level, interested in participating in Advanced Interpretation Certificate English exam students and self-learners to provide the necessary English language material, so that they reached an advanced oral through training or self-study basic requirements .

"An Advanced Course for Spoken English" There are 16 units, each portfolio separately from Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D of four parts together. The most important feature of this book's performance and its manifestations in language material authenticity, practicality, fun, themes and genres of extensive practice in the form of diversity, lively and self-study and other aspects for learners. Most exercises in the book can be completed independently by the learner, some exercises involve pair work or group discussion, learners need to have completed together. So, this book both for self-study, but also for classroom teaching. In the classroom, it is recommended in the teaching process, teachers should pay attention to "guide" rather than "teaching" role.
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