An Advanced Course for Interpretation

An Advanced Course for Interpretation


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"Advanced Interpretation Guide" has been promoting the teaching of interpreting the city and improve the ability to interpret the participants made ​​a great contribution. Its second edition revised 55 percent of the contents of the original book, to make it more in line with the requirements of the new century. From the content point of view, this tutorial and students learned over the past dozen or even dozens of Comprehensive English, intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, writing textbooks differ; standards of today's society from the point of view, difficult to replace traditional textbooks this tutorial. It may be the reason for this double, this tutorial welcomed by the students, sales soared. But from another angle to think, these tutorials are too little? After all, language boundless oceans vast, encompassing a small few of the materials is difficult.
Theoretically, this tutorial has been written by CET students, students through 240 hours of intensive training, is expected to reach the level of advanced interpretation. Indeed, many outstanding students CET, after completion of this tutorial, and even learned only part of this tutorial, the can through advanced interpretation exam. But after all, the vast majority of students in basic English mediocre, some key university students in six minutes, but the average is about 60 minutes; 70 points and six test, even if it may not be learned through this tutorial senior interpreters exam. As noted in this, I propose the following two reference views: ① most advanced interpretation courses students are trained to deal with their own goals have accurate positioning: to improve their comprehensive ability and the ability to interpret English. Even senior interpreter failed to pass the exam, as long as the actual capacity has increased, entirely possible to achieve the purpose of those who successfully communicate with English-speaking countries, to meet the requirements of foreign jobs. ② Do not settle for studying a textbook, much of this can be self-study materials, try to expand their knowledge, to expand the coverage of each language point. In fact, many Xueshengxuewan dozen fine, after extensive reading materials, there are still many gaps in the knowledge of the language. If you want to reach the pinnacle point in the interpretation, put their hopes in a book is unrealistic.
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