Allusions Small Dictionary

Allusions Small Dictionary


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A "little story Dictionary" is for high school students and middle education allusion Chinese readers a search tool. The basic feature of this book is practical. Its usefulness is mainly reflected in the selected entry common allusions common, popular interpretation of specific, precise and appropriate sentences and reflect the allusions utilization characteristics, as well as easy access to various aspects.
Second, the story of this dictionary entries, including the matter code, language typical categories. Part of high school students should be better grasp facilitate enrich their knowledge and vocabulary, improve their reading and writing skills; another part of the inspection time for reading ancient books to explain difficult.
Third, the story very seriously and use, their words are not very large fixed structure; their meanings tend to have the original meaning, extended meaning or metaphorical meaning. The dictionary fully aware of this, after some allusions entry, often marked "also make ⋯⋯", "Jane as ⋯⋯", some of them marked "There are similar ⋯⋯", and reflected in the sentence in utilize this situation. But often many ways utilize limited space, often only a few examples only.
Fourth, some allusions to a variety of meanings, this dictionary are explained and illustrated in order to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding.
V. allusions source, this dictionary explore its possible origin. But consider some of the later of the story, is not easy to explore the real source of its typical, non-minorities can be done in a short time, so this dictionary does not use "Source Code," the term, and known as "mortgaging" He indicated that the book was first seen compilers.
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