A Guide to Function Words in Modern Chinese

A Guide to Function Words in Modern Chinese


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Designed for the nonnative Chinese speakers with intermediate level of Chinese, this handbook covers 536 function words based on the Glossary Grade Synopsis of HSK, of which 328 are adverbs,106 are conjunctions, 56 are prepositions, 26 are auxiliary words and 20 are exclamations. Necessary complement and reduction are made according to the Synopsis and the grade that the function word belongs to in the Synopsis is indicated so that it will be convenient for the learners. The handbook stresses on the usage of function words, and supplies many useful and standard sample sentences that are often used in the definitions. The definitions also provide some mistakes often made by learners and make an indication on the differences between two similar function words. All the definitions are translated into English and many indexes are included for the convenience of the learners.
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