A Course in Phonetics

A Course in Phonetics


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Brewing write such a book "phonetics tutorial" is something nearly a decade ago. I was working for the Chinese Peking University undergraduate teaching "phonetics" course, because of the past three decades phonetics extremely rapid development, the lack of a suitable lectures deeply with Chinese students, and to reflect the new phonetics the development of new textbooks, then the idea of ​​moving off once written. Soon after, this door Comrade Li Ka curriculum taught by the king, we consider lectures based on years of experience, try to co-edited a textbook come out of this. I first prepared a written outline, Comrade Wang Li Ka combination according to the outline of his speech quickly wrote the introduction and the first five chapters of the draft, I have to modify the supplement. In the modification process gradually found only as a Chinese undergraduate teaching to write content subject to considerable limitations. At present, the role of phonetics has throughout the various disciplines related to human language, these disciplines are directly or indirectly requires a certain knowledge of phonetics, if the contents of the written open some, might be able to fit the various needs of readers. In this understanding, based on the first five chapters of the draft for me to do a larger changes and additions, some chapters can be said that all of rewriting. Then, I write from six or seven chapters, Comrade Wang Li Ka write the final chapter, "phoneme and distinctive features." After all done by me read finalized. Shortcomings and mistakes in the book exist, should be primarily responsible for me.
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