A Companion to an Intermediate Course of English Reading

A Companion to an Intermediate Course of English Reading


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Shanghai Intermediate English interpreter job qualification examination "in English reading comprehension test reading comprehension mainly trainees, comprehensive summary of knowledge and vocabulary related to the ability and the English national politics, economy, culture, etc., according to the Shanghai Intermediate English Interpreting job qualification syllabus and "intermediate tutorial", we prepared a "mid-level reading tutorials" designed to help students learn more effectively, "intermediate tutorial" to further develop and improve students' English reading comprehension.
The main features of the book: a book is "Shanghai Intermediate English Interpreting Certificate" examination-oriented culture recommended textbooks, intermediate tutorial "supporting resource materials, is divided into six units, each unit content of counseling are around the unit themes. 2 book closely, "intermediate tutorial", practical, targeted. Participants according to the actual situation, Readings counseling content. 3 books audited by the Group of Experts, Shanghai English interpreter job qualifications, with reading exercises suggested answers.
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