A Companion to An Intermediate Course of Spoken English

A Companion to An Intermediate Course of Spoken English


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In the 21st century, China is at an unprecedented gesture to accelerate its new process of internationalization. If we say that the first 20 years of reform is the originator of the whole Chinese society to promote reform and opening up social progress and opening up, then in the next nearly 20 years in our country's social and economic development will expand the depth of the open, the breadth and frequency to driven deeper and comprehensive reforms to China's further integration into the international trend, and for the international community to make greater contributions.
In the increasingly important international exchanges and communication, and English as a common language tool plays an irreplaceable role in the carrier. This is China twenty years "English fever" to continue to heat up, the effect of the continuous improvement of English teaching fundamental reason lies. The ultimate goal of language learning is to communicate, and its highest state must be competent interpreters to improve and promote cross-cultural communication. In recent years, due to the smooth progress of the senior interpreter qualification examinations and continuous improvement in the tens of thousands of Chinese learners of English who, traditional influence "dumb English" is disappearing, no longer able to speak English very difficult things. However, to improve the basic skills of translators, truly meet the need of the international exchange on a variety of business activities, the ability to express a certain amount of system (To talk at length) and fast response (Quick responding) is essential. This ability to develop in operation depends largely on the practical results. And increase the amount of practice, rich oral expression, enhance practical teaching purposes and characteristics where interpretation is this book.
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