We love talking joke Season 2

We love talking joke Season 2


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The book contains a super cute couple Goofy, ridiculous speech when mom marry, Goofy minus 18 °, the most ridiculous ID VS most embarrassing forum administrator, a certain Internet cafe network testament, Taobao Comedy evaluation + dialogue, foreigners who most ridiculous Chinese characters, Siberia philosophy: a cold day, the 2009 college BBS 40 Popular joke, super funny QQ 90 条 / MSN signature, novels and other cold joke different themes. Humorous, evocative. In turn make you wrote at Kai room, when a laugh, be completely relax, mood of the resist sprout, is pleased to release emotion. This book is different from similar books on the market is characterized by a large part of a collection of original works, and the design of the three presenters, their stories throughout the entire book.
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