Twisters Highlights

Twisters Highlights


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Twisters with distinctive ethnic characteristics, rich flavor of life, ingenious, humorous, often resulting in a strong comic effect, very intriguing. No wonder writers, artists love to use it. It is a vivid demonstration of cheerful optimism of our national character and unique sense of humor. The performance of the creative genius of the masses language arts.
The book collection, compiled and analyzed twisters around, hoping to save a little Chinese inherent customs, the Chinese people's sense of humor as much as possible down to save records for future generations of reference, and for the modern hectic life add a little seasoning, add unlimited fun in the monotonous life.
Twisters appear only in people's daily conversation among and appear in the story, the songs, in some folk gatherings, twisters also painted comics, appear in the "revolving door", "lantern", riddles, jokes and other folk arts activities among . It is the people loved language arts, entertainment and sometimes become a language game. For this reason, it has a strong vitality twisters, it changes with the times, multiply, keenly reflects the close ties of language and social life.
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