The Rise of Modern China 6

The Rise of Modern China 6


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According to this book Professor Emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara, Xu about (Immanuel C. Y. Hsu) written by The Rise of Modern China translated it. This book is the English version of the European and American scholars recognized as a Chinese Shi Jingdian of Modern, Traditional Chinese version in Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese communities are also widespread. Professor Xu Zhongyue born in China, Yenching University after graduating from the United States to study in 1954 to obtain a doctorate in philosophy from Harvard University, and historians in the United States has made outstanding achievements. The book by the author amended several times, the introduction of version 6 in 2000, Chinese University of Hong Kong Press to launch Chinese Traditional edition in 2001. Authorized by the Oxford University Press, launched by the company Simplified Chinese version.
The book begins from the Kangxi and Qianlong, which date in the 21st century, elegant rigorous content, language, humor, clever, Nanjing University, Department of History meter Bischofia, Professor Zhu Qing Bao asked two superb place after Mao Jia - qi, money multiply two historian Dan careful proofreading by Professor Xu Zhongyue personally ranking of been swept away to the maximum extent for the Chinese dyslexic readers.
Author steeped in Western academic years, its theoretical positions, views, thoughts and criticisms standards and we tend to vary. Authorized by the copyright owner, we have some of the contents of the book were appropriate and prudent editing process, its inadequacies also invited readers to forgive me.
We know that, the same as Chinese, Professor Xu Zhongyue motherland Impossible Santa Claus with our uniform is topic.
The vast book of more than eighty thousand words, across China four hundred years of history, involving a large number of names, places, organization name, if tainted mistake, feel free to correct me grateful readers timely corrections when to reprint.
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