Sep 26, 2014

The Modern Chinese Word Color

The book on the meaning of the word color multi-angle, multi-level carried out a more comprehensive in-depth discussion and analysis. The book is divided into nine chapters, the first chapter, "Introduction," based on a macro perspective, analysis and discusses the significance of the meaning of the color on the whole, characteristics, type, function and mode of existence and a series of basic theoretical issues. Chapter IX, the use of dynamic analysis methods, explore the meaning of the word color language in verbal communication with the performance, features and pragmatic pragmatic value. The remaining seven chapters were the feelings of color, various problems image colors, style, color, age color, exotic color, national and local color and other color-defined classes of seven colors to form a cohesive, features, functions and stylistic distribution were minor detailed observation and analysis and exploration. Looking at the book, on many issues are discussed shortage wonderful place. The book discussed the issue in the process, due to the strict control of the closely linked to the principle of language theory, therefore, the significance of the various colors are meticulous observation and analysis of the many problems of research and study is relatively deep; especially for some theoretical issues, such as the nature of the color sense, characteristics, types, effects, there is a way, and a variety of special circumstances clustering of different colors, have made ​​varying degrees of theoretical interpretation, insightful, very persuade force.
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