Men and Women: realization of beautiful dreams

Men and Women: realization of beautiful dreams


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Men and women make this world more wonderfulmen conquer women by conquering the world, and women conquer the world by conquering men. But sometimes, men and women can not get along harmoniously; they may even become incompatible as fire and water. This book intends to give suggestions to such kind of men and women, and to help them find their life compass for confused people. It aims to help men and women realize their beautiful dreams.

Men are from Mars, Women Are From Mercury. In addition to the man in this world is a woman, a man and a woman make up the world, but men and women sometimes can not harmonious coexistence, and even sometimes to the point where an incompatible. In a woman's eyes, both handsome and smart, personable temperament, a house and a car, caring man is most suitable for them. In the man's eyes, both the United States and gentle, both thoughtful and sensible, affectionate love, feminine woman is interest favorite. However, this world is not a perfect thing, there is no perfect person, and only let yourself constantly to accept perfection.
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