Meeting China: Advanced Spoken Chinese

Meeting China: Advanced Spoken Chinese


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"Short-term training of Chinese Peking edition textbook · Into China: Advanced Spoken Chinese" re-written from the original "into China" series of textbooks based on the basis of the materials retain the original characteristics of the integration of new teaching ideas, the overall design, writing principles, style arrangements and other aspects of the corpus compile embodies the characteristics of short-term Chinese language teaching.
A full set of textbooks and teaching materials into a comprehensive textbook spoken two series, a total of 8, 12 lessons per book, including class warm-up before each lesson, words, text, language points and related special exercises, integrated training content.
The main feature of this kit is a comprehensive textbook and spoken texts both self-contained, but also take care of each other, at the same time, students' comprehensive ability of prominent Chinese spoken language training. In addition, the kit is to emphasize active learning training capacity, improve the comprehensive ability of Chinese students in a real environment through the task of training and group interaction.
This kit from near beginners to start progressively increase, the level can be refined, is conducive to teaching at different levels of placement. Users may need to use a full set of materials, but also can be used alone or a book of a series of textbooks. Complete sets of school textbooks, students can reach the level of intermediate or quasi Advanced Chinese.
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  1. do You have the complete series?

    It would be great if you have it an can share it too

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