I know you do not know wonderful human

I know you do not know wonderful human


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Pub Date: 2013 02 Pages: 191 Language: Chinese in Publisher: Publishing House of China in order to meet you like to explore. curious spirit of inquiry. at the same time meet the learning passion you desire to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. In writing this book. we strive to use the humor easy language to describe the knowledge and the world we know. some difficult to understand science knowledge

In order to satisfy you like to explore, curious spirit of knowledge, and satisfy your desire to increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons of learning passion. When writing this book, we strive to use humor easy language to describe what we know and the world of knowledge, the science knowledge are difficult to understand, try to use clear and simple way to speak out and let you know that science is not complicated, originally on the side of science, science can be very interesting.
This book not only allows you to absorb in a short time to a rich, practical science knowledge, so that you eye-opening, and can satisfy your curiosity and thirst for knowledge, improve your scientific literacy. "I know you do not know · amazing body" is one of the series. Together to read "wonderful body" it! 
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