History of China Resources

History of China Resources


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Chinese famous historian, social activist. Hunan Taoyuan people, Uighur.
1916, Jian Bozan admitted to the Beijing Politics and Law College, then transferred to Wuchang Business College. 1924 went to the University of California study. After returning home in 1926, south of Guangdong participate in the National Revolutionary Army. Revolution failed, in the historian Lu Zhenyu, who influence, starting with the Marxist view of painstaking research and historical problems of Chinese society. Has published a "divided nature and stage of historical development of Chinese rural society," "the former feudal era of Chinese rural society" and other papers, co-authored with Lu Zhenyu "Recently the world capitalist economy," a book exposing the Japanese Empire Marxism and reactionary nature of the heinous crime of aggression.
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