Sep 29, 2014

Do not know would be joke 700 Sayings story

"Do not know would be a joke of 700 sayings story" From a common vocabulary commonly used in Chinese, carefully cooked included widespread idioms and allusions word aphorism, familiar word from Origin, the story and read of, respectively, the three aspects of ancient and modern sense connotation and the source of each idiom to interpret and explore. "I do not know would be a joke of 700 sayings story" novel style, rich in content, set the interest, knowledge, practicality in one, is complementary knowledge of history and all walks of life to improve the language proficiency of excellent readers. Jealous, layman, flattering, just-do ...... do you know their origin? These scattered on written records and oral sayings, not only historical value is more value in use, you can make your expression more humorous, lively and interesting. 700 Sayings story, 700 historical stories. It contains the ancestors of life experience, concentrated with the changing times. Among these stories immersed in history, appreciate what their ancestors pathos and beauty of life, perception about the twists and turns of Chinese history and brilliant, can not only enrich your mind, and you can refine your language.
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