Do not know is a joke of 600 literary allusions

Do not know is a joke of 600 literary allusions


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The famous educator Mr. Ye Shengtao China once said: "People of the chain is the highest spiritual literature ...... literature can expose the dark, to meet the light, so that people abandon vile and shallow, tend noble and profound."
After thousands of years of tradition and heritage, our ancestors left us countless literary works, they or beautiful, or moving, or thought-provoking, became an integral part of our life spiritual wealth. Heritage and development of the spiritual wealth is our duty, but also our respect for ancestors.
600 literary allusions, 300 literary knowledge. The spirit of innovation, promote the traditional purpose of culture, from the pre-Qin philosophers to our hundreds of thousands of works of prose fiction in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, selected out of 600 people who were most familiar with literary allusions traceability and analysis, and the historical process of China in the sense that people should be aware of literature were selected out of 300 Essentials tell. Enable the reader to confront the essence of Chinese culture, feel splendid Chinese culture.
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