Conversational Chinese 301 (Japanese)

Conversational Chinese 301 (Japanese)


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"Conversational Chinese 301" is written for beginners Chinese aliens crash materials.
The book consists of 40 lessons, and another recitation eight lessons. 40 lessons include "greeting", "acquaintance" and other communicative functions of nearly 30 projects, about 800 words and basic grammar. Each lesson sub sentences, conversation, replace and expand, new words, grammar, exercises six parts.
The ability to focus on training book for beginners to use Chinese to communicate, to prepare communicative function with the grammatical structure using a combination of methods. The most commonly used in modern Chinese, the most basic part of the common life context by show up, so that students can quickly grasp the basic session 301, and on this basis the replacement and expansion through practice, to reach people with the Chinese simple communicative purposes, as to lay a good foundation for further learning.
Taking into account the characteristics of adult learning, part of the basis for grammar stage, in plain language, with plain and straightforward sentences concise explanation as to enable learners to use grammar rules to guide their own language practices, which in turn has the replicability of use.
Project diverse practice, practice volume is large; recitation note further training sessions student expression and a segment of the grammar learned summarized. Each class exercises and recitations may use all or part of the actual situation.

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