Confidence Chinese 2 - Living in China

Confidence Chinese 2 - Living in China


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Confidence Chinese is designed for adult beginners who need to use the language for practical purposes such as work, travel, holiday and so on. Confidence Chinese Volume 2: Living in China is a course-book for learners in universities, schools, language programmes and for private learning. Confidence Chinese Living in China is designed to develop learners' listening and speaking skills for living in China. It introduces 421 new words and expressions and nearly 500 items of extended vocabulary. These cover a range of situations such as booking a tennis court by telephone, chatting in a teahouse, or explaining things to a domestic worker at home. Many language functions are practiced in the situational dialogues including giving an instruction, making a complaint, showing certainty or uncertainty. The textbook also gives some cultural tips and introduces 95 characters for writing practice. It is based on our in-house Confidence Level Mandarin Chinese language training course for diplomatic staff who will be posted to work in British Embassy, consulates and offices in China. The textbook includes 25 chapters, 2 revisions, transcript for listening practice, vocabulary list and a recorded CD. Confidence Chinese Living in China aims to involve you, the learner, as much as possible in learning process. You will find interesting and authentic materials that are relevant to everyday communicative needs. The materials cover a wide range of topics and situations such as: visiting friends, shopping, taking taxi/bus, renting house, booking tickets and so on. The textbook will make your learning easy, interesting and enjoyable. You will build up your confidence and ability to communicate with every chapter. Confidence Chinese Living in China is jointly produced by the experienced Chinese teachers in language training of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO, equivalent to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the International College for Chinese Studies, Nanjing Normal University, China.
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