Chinese History (Illustrated)

Chinese History (Illustrated)


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Now the young people, for Tingfu this name, I'm afraid most of them are very strange. However, before the founding of New China, both in academia or politics, he has enjoyed a high reputation. In academia, he is a famous historian, has done Nankai University history professor, Tsinghua University history department to advocate reform historian known at the time; in politics, he is a famous diplomat, has served as Executive Yuan, the KMT government Administrative Director, in the Soviet ambassador, permanent representative to the United Nations, in 1949 and later was used as the Taiwan authorities to the United States for "ambassador." Kuomintang government bureaucrats in the group in order to "know diplomacy" famous.
As a politician, he was the "scholar in politics," one of the representatives, advocates for countries to use what they have learned. In the struggle between the Communist Party, the Kuomintang government despite standing position, and at the United Nations in the obstruction and restore the lawful seat in the People's Republic of China's opposition, but death are reluctant to join the KMT, but also often criticized the authorities' strategy that gives misconduct and political corruption; as scholar, he was recognized as the pioneer of modern Chinese diplomatic experts and this field of research. His diplomatic rule extended from modern Chinese history, wrote a number of useful components of the monograph. His rigorous scholarship life, not much work. Among them the most widely circulated and influential, but not spend a great deal of effort featuring "Modern Chinese diplomatic data series to be", but this is only five thousand words "Chinese modern history."
This thin booklet, not only established his academic position in the field of modern history, and its reflection of his generation and the influx of Western influence Western-trained scholars of higher education, thinking about the country's future, destiny of the nation, society the general mentality of progress by the world's attention when.
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