Sep 26, 2014

Chinese can be taught: linguistic papers


Pages: 153
Language: Chinese
Publisher: Commercial Press Business Center
Practical Chinese teacher training materials . Chinese. can be taught : Language Elements Chapter is teaching Chinese as a second language teacher training books . Can also be used as self-study or reference manual for teachers . Intended readership is the industry 's new teacher . or interested in engaging in this work home and abroad . As Chinese can be taught and linguistic skills chapt.

"Chinese can be taught: language elements articles" is teacher training of teaching Chinese as a second language book. Can be used as self-study or a teacher's manual for future reference. Readers are new teachers expected the industry, or interested in home and abroad who engage in this work. As the "Chinese can be taught," the "language skills articles" companion, "Chinese can be taught: language elements articles" in Chinese language teaching in various elements as the starting point, select Chinese pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, Chinese teaching the important and difficult, exemplary teaching by demonstration, showing relevant teaching methods and teaching techniques, designed to help users learn the basic routines preliminary Chinese language teaching in order to be competent Chinese classroom teaching. 
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