China's Financial History - Sui Tang

China's Financial History - Sui Tang


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Research on Chinese financial history, the need for basic research on scientific predecessors depth and innovation, as any researcher or research group has its specific limitations of human knowledge can not be exhaustive, history of science, like any science, you need to evolving with the times. So, to inherit, but also study the history of the development of innovative financial life lies. We write Chinese Financial History of the process to follow the purpose of this is under the premise of rigorous scholarship and innovation, the beaten track. In this trial follows several attempts and efforts.
First, innovative research methods. We strive to put the financial background to analyze the historical society's research, that a variety of historical background and financial activities associated with organically linked to a comprehensive analysis, can be called a "great history of our use of large the new method ideas, "the.
Second, the research focused on the background of the financial system and fiscal reforms. In the research focus on, we do not confined to the ancient description of the financial system itself, or on individual issues Dynasty, but the financial system was contradictory movement in society to expand the research.
Third, the book is on view, there is also more awareness of innovation, which is closely related to the writing group in which writing environment. Because our writing is in loose order out of chaos enlightened 1980s, after two decades of emancipation and rigorous and realistic, flourishing environment conducive to genuine implementation of the "not only on, not only the book, just the only real" principle, to the correction of historians in the past due to various reasons, the idea of ​​forming a biased and distorted understanding.
The fourth book in addition to the above aspects of innovation, are still vivid, and other aspects of the presentation of innovative efforts.
In short, "China's financial history", a book that we use ideas and methods of Marxist dialectical materialism and historical materialism, the exploration of the history of thousands of years of financial development on the land of China research.
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