Ancient Chinese History (Volume I)

Ancient Chinese History (Volume I)


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Author of the book in the process, we noticed several aspects of this problem. The first is to learn about new achievements in the academic study of Chinese ancient history, each chapter written by their research results also reflected in the textbooks where appropriate. Second is the use of new archaeological data were elaborated on important archaeological discovery and archeology research various historical periods of ancient China, to try to absorb. Again is to have the new features on the Compilation, for example, each chapter has a "narrative" one, elaborate profiles of this historical period of Chinese society and its place in the development of world history, in the history of the development of the general trend throughout the world based on a deeper understanding of the historical evolution of the law of ancient China. Thirdly is the arrangement of the chapters of detail and content as much as possible to meet the needs of teaching, for many important issues have done a more in-depth and detailed discussion, but some question only a programmatic narrative, without discussion, in order to space for Jane province.
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