Aug 27, 2014

University Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence: Jurisprudence, legislation, Law and Society


This volume includes the history of Chinese legal thought, Chinese legal history, the history of foreign legal thinking, foreign legal history of the four disciplines. Some Chinese legal history of ideas including: legal thought Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties theocratic law and "Reiji" thought, contending legal thinking Spring and Autumn Period, the Qin and Han dynasties feudal orthodox legal thought, Enlightenment thinkers Ming and Qing dynasties, the Taiping the main idea of the legal representatives, as well as bourgeois reformists and revolutionaries legal thought; Chinese legal history section include: self-Xia, Shang and thoughtful Republic of China period, four thousand years of Chinese history since the laws and institutions, as well as central Officials to local, judicial, supervision, and other prison settings and evolution; foreign legal history of ideas mainly include: legal thought in ancient Greece, the Roman legal thought, medieval legal thought, 17th and 18th century bourgeois revolution legal thought during the 19th century bourgeois legal ideology, bourgeois legal ideology of the 19th century and 20th century European and American legal thought of; foreign legal history section include: ancient Egypt, ancient Greek law, Roman law, Germanic law, canon law, Islamic law, English law 美国 France, France and France, 德国 France, Japan and France and other formation and development.
Contents: Contents Preface Legend Chinese legal history of ideas lexicon Categories Categories Chinese legal history lexicon lexicon of foreign legal history of ideas Categories (in foreign control) Foreign Legal History Lexicon Categories (in foreign control) lexicon Pinyin Index lexicon text index of the Chinese character stroke volume afterword

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