Aug 26, 2014

Public relations and etiquette instruments: Specification Writing


This book introduces readers to the specific methods and etiquette public relations writing instruments theoretical knowledge and writing. The book is divided into four, respectively, describe the general public instruments, ceremonial speeches, book table telegraph, commonly used letters, all articles are all showing the "same as the inner and universality into existence," the person writing awareness and fundamentally and on the whole to understand and grasp the writing activity itself; book also prepared from the writing, the writing process and the writing style specifically addressed the basic elements of writing and basic methods; general requirements about the text, stylistic awareness and stylistic classification. PR writing this book for readers uncover the mystery, the reader a thorough understanding of what is the basic knowledge of public relations and etiquette writing instruments and writing, basic theory. The book theme novel, unique approach, it is a great specification writing materials.
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