New modern etiquette tutorial

New modern etiquette tutorial


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This book combines more than vocational colleges teaching practice teaching experience and course etiquette, etiquette reference to the large number of domestic and foreign-related books and materials, analyze, summarize, summarize the new and old knowledge of foreign etiquette, collected relatively large number of cases. The content of the book is divided into fourteen chapters, including an overview of etiquette, personal etiquette, family etiquette, social etiquette, workplace etiquette, Chief etiquette, business etiquette, business etiquette, Miriam Miriam ceremony, service etiquette, foreign etiquette, etiquette writing instruments, Chinese and ASEAN exchanges common etiquette, and foreign festivals, customs and taboos. Taking into account the scope of vocational college students after graduation engaged in broad, industry and jobs are more broad ritual involves writing the book, the book as much as possible to absorb the latest research results ceremonial aspects of life communication from multiple perspectives and the characteristics of different occupations departure, highlight the "modern" and "practical" to enable students to learn useful, can learn, learn available. .

The book as a vocational college students in addition to the knowledge and skills of teaching etiquette books, but also can be used at all levels, all kinds of people need to learn and understand the reference book of knowledge of modern etiquette
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